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Lucechiara Translations, Ltd offers professional written translation services in 22 of the world's most frequently used languages. Our translations are guaranteed to be accurate, since we offer a staff of highly qualified native and non-native linguists with a combined 25 years experience in the business.

Lucechiara Translations Ltd. uses only human translators - real people - not computer-managed translation programs which are less than 50% accurate. Our staff is always committed to addressing the specific needs of our clients. Each custom translation receives our seal of approval only after being checked and double-checked, to ensure that our clients receive the best possible translation!

1. Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. guarantees the originality and accuracy of its translations. It is not responsible for errors in the interpretation of "original authorial intent" in the translation of specific passages in the absence of direct communication between the translator and the author of the original document.

2. Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. will make every attempt to return completed translations with respect to the pre-established deadline agreed upon by both client and translator. Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. is not responsible for delays due to unavoidable circumstances.

3. Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. is required to provide only one original signed translation of a document accepted for translation. This original translation is to be furnished to the client and subsequent copies may require additional fees, unless otherwise specified by mutual agreement between the client and Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. Payment in full is due upon delivery of each completed translation assignment.

4. Lucechiara Translations, Ltd. is a privately-owned for-profit company not affiliated with any school or university, government or state agency, and as such reserves the right to refuse to translate any document deemed to be of an unacceptable nature.

5. Submission of a document to Lucechiara Translations, Ltd., with the express purpose of translation and subsequent distribution of said document, implies acceptance of the aforementioned conditions.

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